HealthTech Innovation Days

September 17thSeptember 18th

HealthTech Innovation Days 
6th edition

Rive Montparnasse - Paris

HealthTech Innovation Days

HTID#5 - October 2023

Every year, HealthTech For Care, a non-for profit organization, organizes the HealthTech Innovation Days (HTID), a pivotal European event serving as a platform for innovation and science stakeholders. 

HTID accelerates the implementation of solutions for patients, placing their role at the heart of innovation. The event fosters dynamic interactions through 1x1 meetings among European companies, global investors, industrial and pharmaceutical groups, as well as patients and patient associations. Moreover, HTID includes conferences addressing crucial topics of general interest, guided by international experts, European Institutions and key opinion leaders (KOLs). Pitch session are also organized. Access to these sessions is available to everyone on the HealthTech For Care endowment fund website. 

This year, we celebrate the 6th edition on September 17th & 18th, 2024 in Paris. Join us for a rewarding event full of discussions and meetings!

What will you find at HealthTech Innovation Days?

Round Table Discussions and Keynotes

Dive into thought-debating conversations guided by esteemed global experts and European Institutions exploring pivotal themes that are at the forefront of shaping the trajectory of healthcare. Gain invaluable insights and perspectives as you participate in dynamic round table discussions designed to address pressing issues facing the healthcare landscape today.

One-to-one meetings

Forge connections with fellow C-level executives within the European industry, international investors, leading pharmaceutical organizations, and patient advocacy groups. These pre-booked meetings through the event platform allow you to have dedicated one-to-one conversations at an assigned table during a specific time slot. Connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and explore collaborative opportunities to drive innovation and advance healthcare solutions.


Connect with industry leaders and KOLs, fostering meaningful partnerships and collaborations that drive innovation and progress. Engage in insightful discussions, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities for collaboration with experts at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Pitch Sessions

Experience firsthand the cutting-edge innovations and groundbreaking ideas from European companies curated by our esteemed partner clusters. Witness dynamic pitches showcasing the latest advancements in healthcare technology and gain insights into the future of the industry.

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