HealthTech Innovation Days

Rosetta Omics


Rosetta Omics is a deeptech startup based in Paris, France, and incubated at the prestigious Agoranov incubator in the center of Paris (where 5 unicorns come from). We are on a mission to revolutionize precision medicine in cancer treatment through the integration of multiomics data from patient tumors, clinical data and advanced machine learning/AI algorithms. With approximately 20 million new cases of cancer globally each year, the need for personalized, effective treatment options is more urgent than ever. Our innovative approach aims to enhance the prediction of treatment responses, providing physicians with crucial clinical insights to prescribe the most effective therapies for their patients. This not only increases the chances of successful outcomes but also reduces the costs associated with ineffective treatments. Additionally, we collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to discover new biomarkers and targets, aiding in patient stratification during clinical trials to expedite the development of safe and efficient cancer treatments.

Company members

Wahid Awad PhD MBA, Founder & CEO