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Started in 2008 by and for founders, Newfund Capital is an early-stage VC firm active in France and in the USA. It has developed a strong culture centered around entrepreneurship and encourages initiatives to support the ambitions and the development of its portfolio companies. Newfund has $300 million in AUM subscribed mostly by entrepreneurs and family offices. Newfund's investment strategy is people-driven, focused on the constant search of entrepreneurs obsessed to realize their vision. We seek to understand entrepreneurs as individuals, appreciate their originality and play to their strengths. Greatness comes in all forms. We write first checks between $250k and $2M and do follow-ons (we even start at $100k in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region with our NAEH fund). Beyond money, we provide access to our operating team and a strong cross-border ecosystem to help founders find product-market fit and accelerate their growth.