HealthTech Innovation Days



Lovaltech is pioneering nasal vaccines that activate the mucosal immune system, offering a crucial advantage in combating airborne pandemics by reducing contagiousness at its source. Our innovative approach combines five key benefits: nasal administration, needle-free delivery, adjuvant-free formulation, broad-spectrum protection against multiple variants, and positive temperature stability. By targeting the body first line of defense, our vaccines create a powerful barrier where pathogens typically enter. The needle-free, adjuvant-free design enhances user comfort and minimizes potential side effects, potentially boosting adoption and compliance rates in public health campaigns. Our vaccines are engineered to remain effective against current and future viral mutations, ensuring long-term relevance. The ability to store and distribute our vaccines at positive temperature significantly simplifies logistics and improves global accessibility. This unique combination of features gives Lovaltech a competitive edge over traditional systemic-only vaccination strategies. Our approach promises superior protection against a wide range of airborne pathogens and potentially some vector-borne diseases. By addressing both biological and practical challenges, Lovaltech is set to transform infectious disease prevention and enhance global health security.

Company members

Serge PAMPFER (Managing director) and Patrick BARILLOT (President and co-founder)